Complete Tree Care

Our qualified Arborists offer a comprehensive assessment, which starts with a free site quote. We provide consultation in a variety of situations including tree pruning, removal, long-term maintenance, evaluation for resource consent and other legal matters, and protective measures for sickly or damaged trees.

Tree Maintenance

An important part of maintaining the health and shape of trees and shrubs is regular skilled maintenance. Well maintained trees provide numerous benefits such as increased aesthetic appeal, helping give an area structure and providing protection from the sun, however poorly maintained trees and shrubs can grow into a crooked mess blocking out the sun completely and ruining local vistas, they are also less healthy and more susceptible to disease.

Arbor-Tek using a crane to fell a pine tree
No job too big or small
hedge trimming by Arbor-Tek


An expertly crafted hedge is a fantastic addition to any location and can also add serious value to the property. Our team can sort out every aspect of your hedge including forming and debris removal.

We can also help you plant and grow a new hedge on a property.

Felling/Sectional Felling

Tree removal can be difficult and hazardous work particularly when dealing with large trees, trees in awkward or precarious locations, and trees located near hazards (i.e. buildings, power lines etc). Our crews are trained specialists able to remove any tree safely and efficiently using the best equipment possible.

After removal all debris and organic material is efficiently removed and recycled leaving the site clean and tidy ready to be used again.

arbor-tek felling and sectional felling
arbor-tek shelterbelt trimming

Shelterbelt Trimming

Arbor-Tek specialises in maintaining shelterbelts, offering professional trimming services tailored to your needs.

Maintaining shelterbelts ensures prescribed distances from overhead electrical conductors and promotes healthy growth preventing wind funnelling.

Pruning encourages foliage growth to ground level which assists in improving their overall effectiveness.

Contact Arbor-Tek to manage your shelterbelt and enhance your property’s visual appeal.

Powerline Clearing

Arbor-Tek provides vegetation management services to ensure prescribed distances from overhead electrical conductors are maintained as required by the Electricity (Hazard from Tree Regulations) 2003.

All work is carried out by qualified Utility Arborist’s in conjunction with the requirements that are stipulated by owners and operators of electricity distribution networks.

Arbor-Tek’s priority is the safety of people and property in these unique environments. To enhance this, our team utilises specialised insulated tools and equipment, including Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP’)s

Contact Arbor-Tek for professional services that keeps you and your property safe.

power line clearing by arbor-tek christchurch
Arbor-Tek tree felling

Stump Grinding

Large tree stumps can be a difficult problem to solve especially if they are taking up room you would like to use, we have a variety of grinders and trained specialist who can quickly and safely deal with stumps both small and large.

If we are unable to grind the stump due to the location being unsafe to use the machinery, we use alternative environmentally safe methods to speed up the breakdown and degradation of the stump.