Complete Tree Care

Our qualified Arborists offer a comprehensive assessment, which starts with a free site quote.

We provide consultation in a variety of situations including tree planting and removal, landscaping and long term upkeep, evaluation for resource consent and other legal matters, and protective measures for sickly or damaged trees.

Crown Maintenance

An important part of maintaining the health and shape of trees and shrubs is regular skilled maintenance. Well maintained trees provide numerous benefits such as increased aesthetic appeal, helping give an area structure and providing protection from the sun, however poorly maintained trees and shrubs can grow into a crooked mess blocking out the sun completely and ruining local vistas, they are also less healthy and more susceptible to disease.

Our team provide a variety maintenance services services to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and well shaped including removing deadwood, trimming and shaping hedges, thinning and shaping trees, removing overhanging limbs, removing diseased wood and cutting down the height and width of trees and shrubs. Our highly skilled arborists carefully carry out this work with no misplaced cuts and also provide consultation on the best future care for your greenery.

Land Clearance

Land clearance of large areas is a major task, to tackle this our crews are trained in all the jobs required to clear large areas of trees, bush and scrub to make the site ready for you to use. Jobs our crews perform include tree removal and relocation, stump grinding, replanting and green waste removal.

Land clearance is carried out in the most environmental careful manner possible and careful consideration is taken to ensure the least potential environmental impacts on any project.


Formative Care


Branches specifically pruned to reduce crown height or crown spread by pruning to reduce the length of a branch with a final cut at a branch union inside the crown.


Balancing the crown by reducing its spread in certain places, which achieves a more desirable shape that is more consistent with the trees habit.


Reducing foliage and outer-branch density of whole or part of the trees crown. This is generally achieved by removing damaged, crossing or rubbing limbs and by removing smaller secondary branches.


An expertly crafted hedge is a fantastic addition to any location and can also add serious value to the property. Our team can sort out every aspect of your hedge including forming & debris removal.

We can also help you plant and grow a new hedge on a property.

Shelterbelt Trimming

Shelterbelts comprised of large trees are commonly used to protect farms, roads and public amenities from harsh weather, these shelterbelts need to be regularly maintained in order to maintain the health of the hedge and keep the trees clear of any overhead power lines.

Our specialists offer regular maintenance services for shelterbelt in any area including public fields and parks, rural properties, and on public and private roads. We are experience in traffic management and have all the equipment required to carry out maintenance in a safe and efficient manner without causing any major disruptions.

We are a power line clearance approved contractor making us fully licensed, trained and equipped to carry out tree maintenance around power lines safely and without causing disruptions.

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Stump Grinding

Large tree stumps can be a difficult problem to solve especially if they are taking up room you would like to use, we have a variety of grinders and trained specialist who can quickly and safely deal with stumps both small and large,

if we are unable to grind the stump due to the location being unsafe to use the machinery, we use alternative environmentally safe methods to speed up the breakdown and degradation of the stump.


Tree removal can be difficult and hazardous work particularly when dealing with large trees, trees in awkward or precarious locations, and trees located near hazards (i.e. buildings, power lines etc.) Our crews are trained specialists able to remove any tree safely and efficiently using the best equipment possible.

Our crews are also specialists in transplanting, removing the selected tree and then replanting it in a new site without damaging the trees health or aesthetic appearance

After removal all debris and organic material is efficiently removed and recycled leaving the site clean and tidy ready to be used again.

Post Storm Or Accident

Power Line Clearing

Using experienced crews to safely prune tree limbs that are around power lines. We can arrange for the power to be cut on your section or street if required.

Overhanging Branches

Removing or pruning overhanging branches using equipment such as saws, pruners, clippers or other pruning tools.


Controlled removal of the tree in small sections. The remaining stump is then cut as low as possible (normally just above ground level).

Emergency Services

Emergency felling or repair of a damaged tree after a storm or accident.